About us

Our Mission.
To provide accommodation and ecological tourism services catering to the needs of more discerning customers. Our services intend to showcase our landscapes and contribute towards the growth of green tourism to consolidate our product in the Chilean and international market.

Our Vision

To be recognized as a leader in accommodation and special interest tourism services based on differentiated, high quality tourist products for Chilean and foreign tourists and to expand the recreational and service options in Hornopirén, as a dynamic company focused onachieving success due to the quality of our services, their sustainability and innovativeness.

Lahuan Tourism arose from a family project at its parent company, Sociedad Agroforestal Hornopirén Ltd., which sells and produces native wood. In 2006, the company set itself the challenge of investing in an area other than building, namely in tourism and services.

Our enterprise provides cabins and accommodationincorporating the high architectural standards that our more discerning customers who value natural heritage demand. Our financial objective is to become a profitable and environmentally sustainable project.

We develop bioclimatic architectural systems, inspired by a parochial style valuing the wisdom of local construction techniques that reflect the beauty and warmth of the mountains using pristine materials sourced from the area, such as alercewood and stone.

All of this places our work at the heartofwell-balanced interaction with the landscape and natural surroundings.

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Turismo Lahuan- Cabañas en Hornopiren - Patagonia Verde

Calle Cahuelmo N° 40, Hornopirén / Carretera Austral - Chile - Fono Fax:(56) 065-2217239 Cel: (56-9) 84090231