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In Hornopirén,Turismo Lahuán’soperational base, our activities are aimed at explorers interested in natural tourism and who want to get to know the natural beauty of our green Patagonia. We do everything we can to dazzle our visitors, with activities such as boat trips through amazing channels carved by the wet weather that characterizes our unmistakable geography or gliding safely alongmighty sea currents in our kayaks taking you closer to sea lions, cheeky Humboldt penguins and happy Chilean dolphinswho call this pristine environment home.

Trekking is another favorite to get first row seats at breathtaking sunsets, and delve intothis ecosystem’s lush growthand marvel at one of the world’s oldest inhabitants: the stunning alerceand its neighbors, the tepa, thelengabeech, ulmo and lumamyrtle trees, which have stood watch over the energy unleashed by the growth of this southern rainforest. Another choice is the magical and peaceful sensation of riding a horse at itsgentle pace, sharing the excitement of roaming through places still untamed by other creatures - the perfect way to discover the historical fiords and mighty geysers and natural hot pools. Finally, we give youa once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take part in the daily life of the local people and their traditions, savor their traditional food and immerse yourself in theirancient customspassed down from generation to generation and the culture forged in these inhospitable faraway lands.

Our programs, tours and expeditions are unlike any othersand have been personalized and tailor-made for our guests, putting hospitality and our visitors at the heart of each of our expeditions.

You can organize any kind of excursion or activity with usto make your vacation unforgettable.
A list of options is included below:

Coastal Route: Searching for our roots.

This tempting coastal route is ideal for those who wish to observe and learn more about traditions, heritage, and culture, and those looking to be surprised through their taste buds in a setting of picturesque landscapes and sights, while spotting incredible coastal flora and fauna.

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Climbing Hornopirén Volcano.

A favorite for lovers of high altitude trekking, the volcano is 1572 meters high, giving an unrivalled view of the whole Hornopirén National Park. Protected by the national park, the Hornopirén and Yates volcanos proudlytower above the town of Río Negro, Hornopirén. Hornopirén is recognized for its sudden drops that thrill the adventurers who grab at the chance to make this amazing trip.

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Climbing Apagado Volcano.

Between the charming peaceful towns of Contao and Hornopirén lies a volcanic cone with the characteristic features of the southern Andes with a stunning panoramic view inviting you learn more about its unique geography and history and the construction of the access road by the local forestry company.

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Trekking Lake Cabrera.

Ideal for those who wish to reduce their environmental footprint and get some exercise while they travel, on this excursion our guestsenter the Hornopirén National Park, a reserve of pristine forests of unrivalled beauty and unusual and breathtaking natural attractions, such as the incomparably beautiful Lake Cabrera. The park is a national monument and part of the Southern Andes Rainforest Biosphere Reserve.

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Taking a dip in the porcelain pools.

This fantastic circuit begins at Río Negro, Hornopirén at the Lahuán cabins, where the guide and participants will meet, and after a short presentation and safety instructions the “Taking a dip in the Porcelain Pools” program will begin. Our adventurers will be ferried on the “Explorer” for about 40 minutes along the Comao fiord, and while the launch goes further into the sea we’ll see amazing specimens of the flora and fauna that is an essential part of this one-of-a kind natural environment, where sea and land open up to reveal the idyllic landscapes of Chilean Patagonia.

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Nautical tour of the fiords.

The fiords,three massive geographical formations cut into the landscapeasthe glaciers made their way to the sea,are one of the district’s main highlights, creating a 37 kilometer long strip of steep cliffs flooded by the sea at their opening and by melting ice from nearby slopes. Among the most remarkable are the Comau, Quintepeu and Cahuelmó fiords.

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Extreme Sea and Land Tour Porcelain Geyser.

An hour and a half south by boat, towards the Comau fiord, lies a place full of adventures and unforgettable experiences. We begin at Comau channel, overlooking Pelada and Llancahué Islands, mostly inhabited by traditional fishermen and muscle farmers, where we can see the mouth of the Quintepeu and Cahuelmó fiords.We then cross in front of Huinay, whose unusual coastal ecosystem bustles with endemic species such as anemones and cold water corals

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Cahuelmó Springs.

If you want to energizeyour body and soothe your mind while surrounded by incredible landscapesthis is the one for you. 50 kilometerssouth of Hornopirén, we find the spectacular Cahuelmó springs, fed by underground volcanic water directed through irrigation channels diverted to hollows in the rocks.

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Trekking Hornopirén National Park.

For those who are passionate about virgin and wild nature, this beautiful tour is an extraordinary opportunity to enjoy open air activities and delve into the thick and magical forest of thousand year oldalerces. Hornopirén National Park has an area of 48,232 hectares, around 10,000 hectares of which are covered by an evergreen alerce forest that frames one of the most stunning and memorable landscapes in the South of Chile.

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Hornopirén City Tour.

This wonderful tour gives you the chance to get to know Hornopirén town from a different perspective, including the main town and its historic plaza and beautiful church as far as the end of the Carretera Austral (Southern Highway) that meets up with the southern part of the town. Along the way we’ll see majestic, mighty waterfalls in the mainlyalerce forest coexisting with other well-knownforest species such as the ulmo, the tepa, the lenga, the myrtle and the luma.

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